Scratching Post Tower for Cats

Scratching Post Tower for Cats

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Encourage your cat's natural playful behavior with this Paws & Pals Scratching Post Tower. The posts are wrapped in fibrous Sisal rope providing a texture that your cat will prefer to scratch instead of your furniture. It's upholstered throughout with a soft yet durable material that your cat can knead and dig their claws into. It has 3 levels of fun for your cat to climb pounce and play. They will love the hanging feathered toy and the cat tunnel when they're feeling feisty. When they're all tuckered out your feline friend can nestle up on the top Perching Spot that's perfect for a cozy cat nap. Product Highlights Boards are made of compressed wood and covered in soft faux fur Multiple scratch posts wrapped in sisal rope Multi-Level design Easy to set up and disassemble


DIMENSIONS: 16" x 16" x 33"
PREVENT YOUR CAT FROM RUINING YOUR FURNITURE: The multi-textured surfaces give your cat a place they will prefer to scratch instead of your furniture.
STURDY AND DURABLE: Built for your cat's rough play.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Pre-drilled holes make assembling easy.


30 Day Warranty